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The Heart of the Artichoke by Elena Poniatowska

In this collection of stories, Poniatowska weaves together the disparate lives that make up Mexico’s rich cultural tapestry. These are stories about servants and matriarchs, street sweepers and sorceresses, shop keepers, nannies, mothers, travelers, prostitutes, and drug addicts. They are stories of broken lives and broken hearts, of betrayal and …


The Cannibal Night by Luis Jorge Boone

This is a collection of haunting and breathtaking short stories. The characters are beings oppressed by their fears, tyrannized by their weaknesses, confused by their own dreams. An aura of death and delirium hovers over their lives forcing them to reveal the hidden boundaries of human nature. These stories inhabit …


Sam & Skully by Dewey Badeaux

Sam McDonnell isn’t like the other kids in school. She is bold and speaks her mind, much to the disappointment of those living in her small, west Texas town. But Sam isn’t troubled by the living. A mysterious netherworld, filled with strange visitors and peculiar creatures, has crept from her …