The Cannibal Night by Luis Jorge Boone

CropppedcvrThis is a collection of haunting and breathtaking short stories. The characters are beings oppressed by their fears, tyrannized by their weaknesses, confused by their own dreams. An aura of death and delirium hovers over their lives forcing them to reveal the hidden boundaries of human nature. These stories inhabit the limits between reality and madness, between ordinary occurrences and unexpected coincidences. It is at these crossroads where the world becomes most unsettling and we are forced to evaluate our perceptions. Paranoia, lack of faith, obsession, panic, and psychosis are some of the forces that control the destinies of these protagonists. Luis Jorge Boone’s cleanly-architectured prose conjures the great voices of Latin American short fiction and delivers them with a 21st century sensibility. This is a collection full of striking philosophical observations, brilliant twists, and disquieting images.


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