Sam & Skully by Dewey Badeaux

Sam-Skully-CoverWebSlider Sam McDonnell isn’t like the other kids in school. She is bold and speaks her mind, much to the disappointment of those living in her small, west Texas town. But Sam isn’t troubled by the living. A mysterious netherworld, filled with strange visitors and peculiar creatures, has crept from her dreams and shaken her reality. Sam does her best to ignore these supernatural happenings, but when tragedy strikes, she is forced to face what she cannot comprehend. Meanwhile, Sam hits it off with the new boy at school, but is he a new friend or a manifestation of something more troubling?

 Sam & Skully is an engaging chapter book that blends a suspenseful, mystery-driven and socially-relevant plot, strong and independent characters, and a ghost story based on ancient North American cultures and mythology. With its setting in the borderlands of Texas and the ancient ruins of Mexico, this novel is a thrilling and entertaining tale that appeals to a reader’s sense of adventure, while its sensitive treatment of immigration issues encourages both young and old to think about and discuss an important topic of our day.

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